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School Finance

Texas is spending more on public education in total and per student than ever before. Taxes do not have to be increased to improve student outcomes.

In fact, TEA data indicates that some school districts with high percentages of economically disadvantaged students are achieving relatively good student results at a lower cost than other school districts.


  • Strengthen public education solvency and improve public education by re-designing the school finance system to be student-centered, thereby ensuring improved student outcomes.

Talking points for liberty fighters

  • In 2017, taxpayers contributed $17.7 billion more per year than just a decade ago.
  • Total public education expenditures in the 2016-17 school year were $68.3 billion. With 5,341,009 students in average daily attendance (ADA), per student spending is $12,787.
  • The average tuition of an accredited private school in Texas is $7,922.
  • 1,340 public schools in the state of Texas were identified as PEG schools (academically failing) by TEA for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Only 18% of high school graduates from 2010-13 met the SAT or ACT college-readiness standards.

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