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Renewable Energy Subsidies

Renewable energy subsidies have cost Texans more than $13 billion since 2006. Nationally, the production tax credit for renewables will cost taxpayers as much as $65 billion through 2029. These subsidies reduce the reliability of the electric grid and harm taxpayers and consumers. In 2019, the Texas Legislature can take steps to combat these harmful effects by eliminating tax abatements for renewables and forcing wind generators to pay for the costs they impose on the system.

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  • Make compliance with the Renewable Portfolio Standard voluntary.
  • Support elimination of the federal Production Tax Credit.
  • Require renewable energy generators to pay for the costs they impose on the electric grid.
  • Eliminate Chapter 312 and Chapter 313 tax abatements for renewables that destabilize Texas’ electrical grid.

Talking points for liberty fighters

  • Subsidies for CREZ lines ran about $6.8 billion, the federal PTC about $17.1 billion (2008-17), and the state’s RECs about $560 million.
  • The Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandates 10,000 MW of renewable capacity by 2025, of which 500 MW must be from non-wind sources. This goal was met in 2015.
  • The backup generation and grid-related costs of wind energy could increase ERCOT’s system production costs by $1.82 billion per year.
  • Wind and solar underperform other resources, evidenced by their low capacity rates, 36.7% and 27%, respectively.

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