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Washington’s one-size-fits-all mandates make it more difficult for care providers to assist medically vulnerable Texans. Waivers are a way to return control of Texas Medicaid from Washington to Austin. Our Representatives are on target to consider the various choices that waivers offer to get us out from under Washington’s heavy hand.


  • Use waivers to free Texas Medicaid—and Texans’ healthcare—from control by Washington, D.C. Pass a resolution calling for full, clean block grants of non-expanded Medicaid to states for cost savings.

Talking points for liberty fighters

  • Medicaid spending from the Texas budget has increased from 17% in 1991 to 24% in 2018.
  • As much as $12 billion of the $30 billion to be expended by Texas Medicaid in 2018 will be wasted on federal administration and regulatory compliance.
  • Less than half of Texas physicians (47%) accept new Medicaid patients. Only 11% of primary care needs of Texans are being met, and during a public hearing on July 25, 2017, during the 85th Legislature, Medicaid enrollees described how Texas Medicaid is failing to meet their needs.
  • Health insurance does not equal health care.

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