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Efficiency Audits

Texas has thousands of local governments—counties, cities, school district and special districts—spending billions and billions of taxpayer dollars every year while rapidly increasing bonded debt and hiking property taxes. While governments conduct audits to detect fraud, they rarely examine their operations for efficiency or for statutory authority. Sometimes, programs launched to address a problem grow and drift over a period of decades, with little attention paid to whether the spending should be continued. A third-party, independent efficiency audit can identify potential savings by recommending best practices, program consolidation, or even termination, if needs can be better met through other means.


  • Implement a Texas-style Grace Commission to root out waste and inefficiency in all levels of Texas government, including federal government regulations that affect Texas.

Talking points for liberty fighters

  • The California commission was created as a way to restrain the growth of state government, which was outstripping population growth.
  • Near its end, the Grace Commission consisted of 36 task forces that were chaired by more than 160 top executives from around the country, and it was staffed by more than 2,000-plus volunteers who had thoroughly examined “federal departments, agencies, and functions that cross-cut the entire government, in addition to 11 special studies on other important issues.” This exhaustive review led the commission to offer “2,478 separate, distinct, and specific recommendations” which, if fully implemented, would have resulted in $424.4 billion in net savings and revenue increases over a three-year period.

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