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Conservative Texas Budget

Texas government spending has increased substantially faster than the growth in inflation and population since 2004, at a cost to Texans of $15 billion this two-year budget cycle. That’s an additional $1,000 burden on the average Texas family of four, just to fund state government.

The Conservative Texas Budget Coalition was formed for precisely that reason: we can’t afford the consequences of more spending. 

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  • Pass a Conservative Texas Budget that limits spending increases to less than population growth plus inflation, in order to continue the economic prosperity in Texas.

Talking points for liberty fighters

  • States with low taxes have better growth, more jobs and greater opportunities.
  • Without spending limits, we will not see real progress. It is time to require state & local government spending growth to be no more than population growth and inflation for last two fiscal years.
  • Rising property tax bills discourage investment and create a drag on the state's economic performance.
  • Texas' margin tax is complex, costly, and difficult to comply with, giving rise to a less competitive state business climate.
  • Texas spends too much in part because the appropriations process is rigged to support more spending. A Tax Relief Fund would give policymakers a mechanism to reduce the spending growth while providing tax relief with excess funds.
  • It is time to adopt program-based budgeting along with zero-based budgeting and promote efficiency audits to eliminate government waste.

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